Custom Frames: Batting Cage

We now offer a frame that can be assembled and installed in minutes. Each section of frame is packaged in a box for easy shipping and for protection from mishandling. We offer 3 different sizes.
We offer sections to fit 10', 12' & 14' wide cages and each section is made of 2" galvanized steel pipe. There are two 2' long PVC sleeves that are cemented into the ground for the pipes to slip into (we suggest that you cement your sleeves into the ground the day before installing your frame).

  • There are three hooks and cable clips that are across the top of each section. These are used to clip the net to the frame and will eliminate the hassle of cables.
  • These frames can be shipped UPS. It may be cheaper to ship by truck in certain areas of the U.S.
  • Section should not be placed over 14 ft. apart.