Gill Nets

Gill Nets
Gill nets are the most popular commercial fishing net worldwide. There are many variations of gill nets, but there are normally three different types of netting commonly used.

  • Multifilament netting is normally white in color and is composed of many very small filaments twisted together. Multifilament netting is very strong, limber, and soft, and can be dyed. This netting works very well at night and in dark water, but tends to pick up debris in the fibers of the netting.

  • Monofilament netting is composed of a single strand similar to the twine used in a rod and reel. Monofilament netting is extremely effective in clear water and during daylight hours, and does not collect much debris in the fibers of the netting, but is somewhat stiffer than multifilament netting.

  • Multi-Strand Monofilament netting is a cross between multifilament netting and monofilament netting. Multi-strand netting is composed of 3 to 12 strands of monofilament twine loosely twisted together. Multistrand monofilament is softer and more flexible than monofilament netting, and is more effective in clear water than multifilament netting.

  • Regardless of the netting material used, all of Miller Net Company's gill nets are manufactured with close attention to detail use quality ropes, floats, and twines. All of our gill nets are sinking style gill nets unless otherwise ordered.

    Prices below are based on 300 - ft. nets. Less than 300 ft. add $5.00 per net. Less than 100 feet, add $12.00 per net.

    Listed below are options available for our fine lead and float gill nets:
    • 3/8" "foamcore" floatline (eliminates external floats) Add $10
    • 1/2" "foamcore" floatline Add $17
    • 3/16" braided poly rope tied parallel to the floatline (reduces stretching of the floatline) Add $8
    • #30 leadcore (eliminates external leads) Add $20 (approx. 30 lbs per 600 ft.)
    • #50 leadcore (eliminates external leads) Add $30 (approx. 50 lbs per 600 ft.)
    • 1/4" braided poly top and bottom lines Add $10
    • Extra Mesh per tie (even fuller netting to catch better)
      • 1" stretch - 2" stretch Add $15
      • Greater than 2: stretch Add $12
    • Coastal Rigged Nets (very heavy duty floats, leads, and ropes) Add $100

    When ordering nets or nettings, be sure they are the mesh you need:
    Square measure is one-half of stretch measure. Both square and stretched measurements in our catalog are based on standard method of measurement - from center of knot to center of knot.