Hoop Nets and Web Only

Hoop Nets and Web Only

Hoop Nets (also known as fyke, barrel or fiddler nets) are one of the most common stationary nets used in commercial fishing. Hoop nets are tubular shaped nets with a series of hoops,7 per net, tapered and spaced along the length of the net to keep it open. To fish a hoop net, the net is staked out in a body of water and the bait is placed in the closed or tail end of the net. The net is then lifted out of the water and the catch is emptied.
The hoops themselves are usually constructed out of fiberglass and are either round (most common), square, or D-shaped.

As a manufacturer, Miller Net Company is in a unique position to offer you the finest hoop nets available. Not only do we hand hang each hoop net, every net has the following features:

  • Two Finger - Style Throats are used on the second and fourth hoop of each net. This superior construction allows fish to swim inside the net easily, but once inside they are securely trapped. Our finger throat design makes it easy to lift a full net without losing any fish.
  • Our nets are fully hung with only first quality netting and twine to give you a balanced and effective net.
  • We use a premium black coating on our nets, not the cheap "asphalt" tar that some companies use which never dries, and always bleeds on everything it touches. Our net coating prevents deterioration of the net by protecting the net strands from sunlight, moisture, and chemical contamination. We provide net coat protection at no additional cost, considerably extending the lift of each net we sell.

We are one of the very few manufacturers in the United States that produce fiberglass hoops in our factory (most other companies buy their hoops). You are buying direct from the factory, not a middleman.

5% Discount on the purchase of 3 or more nets.


  • 1 Barrel 2 Throats
  • Web Treating - 2' -4' Add $7.00; 4 1/2' - 6' Add $12.00
  • We also make hoop/trap nets out of very small
    mesh netting from 1/2" sq. to as small as 1/32" sq.
    We can make the net you need for your research.
    Call us for a quote!