How to Order

We are very proud to offer two different types of netting. Both are of high quality, and will remain durable for many years.

Treated Netting: Our treated netting is dipped with a specially formulated coating here in our factory, Our netting is made of 100 percent industrial grade nylon, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Treatment enables a net to have enhanced resistance to abrasion, moisture, heat/cold and sunlight (ultraviolet UV) exposure. It also increases the stiffness of the netting a desirable trait for many of our customers. Our net treatment is available in BLACK, GREEN or BLUE. In our catalog as well as our online store we call this our “PLATINUM PLUS” line.

Dyed Black and Bonded: This netting comes to us already black since it is not treated; it is dyed when made. It has less sunlight and abrasion resistance, and is relatively flexible. We can not manufacture nets with this netting any other color than black. In our catalog we describe this as our “PLATINUM” line.

To Place Order By Phone Call 1.800.423.6603 8a-5p CST M-F