Monofilament Nylon Gill Netting

Monofilament nylon gill netting (sometimes known as glass) is the most common type of gill netting in the United States. This netting works very well in clear water and in daylight hours. Although monofilament netting is stiffer than multifilament nylon netting, and is more difficult to repair, many fishermen prefer monofilament netting because it is almost invisible to fish.

We sell the finest monofilament gill netting available. Our netting is strong, soft, double-knotted, and double-selvage for strength. If you have trouble deciding which netting you need or how much you need, please call us.

The depth and feet shown for all of our netting listed below is calculated on a "1/2 basis" (200 stretch feet needed for every 100 feet of hung netting).

A minimum quantity of 5 lbs must be ordered.

When ordering nets or nettings, be sure they are the mesh you need:
Square measure is one-half of stretch measure. Both square and stretched measurements in our catalog are based on standard method of measurement - from center of knot to center of knot.