Nylon Holding Box
(4x4x12, 44lb. test, 1/4" sq.)

Item# NHB12-6

Product Info

Nylon holding boxes are rectangular-shaped nets similar to a shoebox-shape except they do not have tops or lids on the net. The holding boxes are attached to frames and lowered into the water.
This is a popular method to store and segregate live fish.
All of our holding boxes have 800 lb. test braided nylon rope borders sewn around the top with loops in each top corner.
Lids or tops to the nets are available.
Call for details.

Premium, black netcoat treatment - add 20% per net.
Black or green net dip - add 20% per net.

  • Box Size:4x4x12
  • X-Heavy Delta: 44lb. Test
  • Mesh: 1/4" sq.