Nylon Live Net (2' Hoop, 1" sq. mesh)

Nylon Live Net (2' Hoop, 1" sq. mesh)
Item# NL25-10
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Product Info

Nylon bags or nets are a popular method to store live fish. Our live nets have two steel or fiberglass hoops and are made of #15 nylon netting. We have several sizes available which will accommodate anything from bait fish to pan-sized fish. Our floating live bags have enough floats on the top hoop so that the bag will always float - no matter how many fish are in the bag. All of our live bags have drawstrings at the top.

Premium, black netcoat treatment - add $5.00 per net.
Black or green net dip - add $6.00 per net.
Floats - add $20.00 per net.

  • Hoop Size: 2'
  • Mesh Size: 1" sq. mesh