E-Z Throw 1000 Series Super Spreader Cast Nets

E-Z Throw 1000 Series Super Spreader Cast Nets
  • Very good intermediate level net - a good net for most applications
  • America's #1 selling cast net series
  • Exclusive SpS Japanese resin netting - superior strength, softer for better performance
  • A full 1 lb. of lead per radius foot - sinks much faster
  • High count heavy duty 90 lb. test braille lines - stronger net with more secure closure on retrieval
  • 26 foot floating handline - better for deeper water or for moving water
  • Includes free instructional DVD
  • Has patented Accuthrow ring

  • Catching your own bait and shrimp is now easier than ever. No more complicated techniques or difficult maneuvers. The patent-pending aluminum ring helps you learn perfect casting extremely fast. Three easy steps and a few minutes of practice will have you netting fresh shrimp and fish by the pound. Throwing the net like a frisbee or discus helps spread the net open for a wider and better catch.