Trammel Nets

Trammel Nets
Trammel nets are one of the most complex, yet efficient gill nets that are in popular use worldwide. Unlike single wall gill nets, which will catch a narrow range of fish sizes, a trammel net will catch a wide variety of fish sizes. Essentially, a trammel net is three layers of netting tied together on a common floatline and common leadline. The two outer layers of netting (known as walls or brails) are constructed out of large mesh netting (12" to 18" square) with a twine size of #9 multifilament nylon or .81mm to .90mm monofilament. The light-weight or fine netting sandwiched between the two walls is usually small mesh multifilament or monofilament gill netting. Trammel nets have a large amount of lightweight gill netting hung in the nets, and fish will be caught by gilling or by tangling in the excess netting. These efficient nets can be fished floating or sinking, and stationary or drifting.

Miller Net Company's trammel nets are the end result of many years of personal hands-on experience and are second to none. By using only the finest quality materials, and paying close attention to detail, we can honestly state that our trammel nets are among the best value you can expect in a fishing net. We hang plenty of extra netting in length and in depth. The walling (or brails) in our standard nets are constructed out of #9 twisted multifilament nylon netting. All nets are completely hung, ready to use, and are sinking type unless ordered otherwise.

Prices below are based on 300 ft. nets. Less than 300 ft. add $7.00 per net. Less than 100 ft. add $14.00 per net.

Listed below are options available for our trammel nets:
  • 3/8" "foamcore" floatline (eliminates external floats) Add $10
  • 1/2" "foamcore" float line Add $17
  • 3/16" braided poly rope tied parallel to the floatline (reduces stretching of the floatline) Add $8
  • #30 leadcore (eliminates external leads) Add $20 (approx. 30 lbs per 600 ft.)
  • #50 leadcore Add $30 (approx. 50 lbs per 600 ft.) 65 lb. per 600 feet add $63.00
  • 1/4" braided poly top and bottom lines with lead inserts Add $12