Twisted Nylon Netting (Multifilament)

Twisted nylon netting is one of the most common and versatile types of netting used. It is very strong, easy to work with, easy to repair, and is resistant to most chemicals and water. This netting is widely used in commercial fishing for seines, pound nets, hoop nets, trap nets, as well as industrial and sports nets. We use only 100% virgin nylon fiber that after twisting has been bonded and stabilized for knot holding ability and strength. The following treatments are available:

  • Netcoat (tar) - increased abrasion and ultraviolet protection (black color) - Add $1.50/lb.
  • Plastic Net (Available in green, black, or blue. PLEASE CALL TO ORDER.)

    Minimum charge for the above treatments is $20. $3.00 Cutting Charge for less than 10lbs.

    Custom Bulk Netting (Knotless or Knotted) - Call for price.

  • When ordering nets or nettings, be sure they are the mesh you need:
    Square measure is one-half of stretch measure. Both square and stretched measurements in our catalog are based on standard method of measurement - from center of knot to center of knot.