Multifilament Flag Net
(3" sq., 7"str., #208, 10 ft.)

Item# FN-15-10

Product Info

Flag nets are the least expensive of the gill nets, but when used in still water and little or no wind, they are still quite effective in catching fish. Flag nets are constructed out of multifilament or monofilament gill netting with a small rope at the top. There are no floats, leads or bottom rope. The net is fished by tying it between trees, stakes, or jugs. As the fish approaches the net, the water displaced by the fish's movement causes the netting to swirl, catching the fish through gilling or tangling. Flag nets are not recommended in moving water or in windy conditions.

Our flag gill nets are hug with a 36 top line. All nets are fully hung with 200 stretch yards of netting per 100 stretch yards of finished net.

Prices are based on 300 - ft. nets. Less than 300 ft. add $2.00 per net.

Options for Flag Gill Nets:
1/8" braided nylon top line.........................Add $12.00
1/8" braided nylon top and bottom rope......Add $24.00

Price per 100 yards.

  • Mesh Size: 2" sq.
  • Str.: 4"
  • Twine Size: #139
  • 10 ft.

  • Accessories

    You must select this option if your net is under 300 feet to add additional cost.