Multifilament Gill Net
(#139,2"sq.,10 ft.)

Item# GN-19
Floatline:  Leadcore:  Braided Rope:  Extra Mesh Tie:  Coastal Rigged:  Tied-Down:  Accessories: 

Product Info

Our Lead and Float Gill Nets come completely with top and bottom ropes, leads, and floats and are ready to use. All of our gill nets are tied with bonded nylon twine so that there are not slipped knots, ultraviolet treated ropes, and of course we use only first quality netting in our nets - at least a full 600 stretched feet for every 300 foot hung net. All nets are sinking type nets unless otherwise ordered.

  • Twine Size: #139
  • Mesh Size: 2"sq.
  • Stretch: 4"
  • Depth: 10'