Leads and Wings for Hoop/Trap Nets (1" Mesh, 4 ft.)

Item# LW1-4

Product Info

Leads and wings are nets (similar to drag seines) which act as a visual and physical barrier which herds or guides fish to your hoop/trap nets, and should be at least as deep as the diameter of your hoop/trap net.
  • Square Mesh Size: 1"
  • Twine Size: 15
  • Price per foot, 4 ft.

    Add .45 for Netcoat Treatment.
    For Leads & Wings under 25 ft., add $5 per net.
    For Wings attached to Hoop Nets, add $15 per net.

  • Accessories

    You must select this option if you want to add leads and wings to your net.
    You must select this option if your net is under 300 feet to add additional cost.