Brass Barrel Swivels
These are precision-manufactured, spring tempered, free revolving, thoroughly tested, and are solid brass and have polished finish. 100 swivels per pack.
Nickel Barrel Swivels
These top quality swivels are free revolving. All swivels are nickel plated. 100 swivels per pack.
Rosco Coastlock Crane Swivels
For those wanting a higher quality swivel that will not rust, these swivels are designed for maximum strength and assures no twisting protection for rugged fishing. These swivels are stainless steel. 100 swivels per bag.
Trot Line Clips
25 clips per bag.
Trot Line Brads
These U-shaped brads are made of non-corrosive brass.
Packed 50 per bag.
These stainless steel, nickel-plated net snaps are 0.1205" diameter. Used to attach floats or anchors to net.
Hoop Net Swivel Size 11/0
Great for securing hoop nets, turtle nets, or wire catfish traps.
Romar 3-Way Brass Swivels
Constructed with a solid brass collar and three twisted wire eyes. Packed 144 swivels per bag. Note: Available in Black.